Demolition ex steel mill Thomas c/o steel establishment

Demolition ex steel mill Thomas masonry and steelwork…watch


Demolition ex electric room ENEL in Arquata Scrivia

We developed, designed and demolished an ex electric…


Demolition Ex Sisas Pioltello establishment

Demolition of a piece of structure made up of steelwork elements such as pipe lines…watch


FRANCE – Demolition of insole and autosilos pavimentation

We performed a controlled demolition for the last auto silos floor…watch


Demolition buildings FA.BA

Complete demolition of a disused industrial site…watch


Mechanical demolition of High School in Magenta MI

The building was 22 meter high and made up of a 2 floor…watch


Demolition buildings ex installation SIR

The intervention consisted in the demolition of industrial…watch


Demolition of a discharger platform

For the realization of this work we took into consideration these aspects…watch


Controlled demolition of a chimney of 80 mt in Genoa

The demolition started in January 2010. The chimney was…watch


FRANCIA- Nancy – Hot and cold demolition of a portion of a steel plant

Controlled demolition of equipment, conveyor belts and hoppers…watch


Demolition of a steel plant

Buildings and plant demolished:…watch


Demolition Ikea store – Corsico – Milano

Presentation sounds unnecessary, Ikea is known all over…watch


Controlled mechanical demolition ex Galbani in Melzo

Thanks to our capability in meeting the delivery terms and sometimes…watch


Demolition ex DHL e TNT area in San Giuliano Milanese

Our philosophy lead us to several challenges and it’s for this…watch


Demolition blast furnace and connected system

A complex intervention suitable for us…watch


PARIS : Demolition cantilevered shelters c/o highway A6b Gentilly

A sensible intervention (for the origin of engines from the south of France…watch


DIIM flies high!

DIIM has been able to carve out a little space…watch


Demolition Solvay Solexis S.p.A. system.

Big workers and a big customer…watch


Demolition of a terminal

We were in Brindisi, and soon we’ll tell you about our…watch


Demolition Bracco S.p.A. buildings

The intervention of asbestos cement roofing…watch


Demolition ex industrial area Antibioticos buildings

Traditional mechanical demolition of industrial…watch


Demolition ex Filiberti foundry buildings

Traditional mechanical demolition of industrial…watch


Cut with thermic lance

The intervention consisted in the demolition…watch


Demolition of the interior of a steel ladle c/o a big steel plant

Demolition of the interior of a steel ladle…watch


Demolition ex Magrini’s area buildings

The intervention was on a very big area and…watch


Demolition of Monza’s Autodrome boxes

Traditional mechanical demolition in the race’s world…watch


Demolition of a masonry building in San Giuliano (Milan)

Demolition of a masonry building, steel carpentry…watch


Demolition of high school “Stendhal” in Milan

It was a traditional mechanical demolition of civil buildings…watch


Demolition ex industrial building in Genoa in order to build a new store

Mechanical demolition of industrial buildings…watch


Edile demolition ex Ugo Boss building

Particular intervention of internal demolition with capillary…watch


Demolition equipments and pipes “building 337″

Demolition and dismantling of equipments and pipes…watch


Demolition industrial metallurgic area area in Berera

Full demolition of all industrial buildings…watch


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